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At ISAAC we use open source software. A LOT of open source software. We use the Magento framework to create professional web shops, dotCMS for enterprise level content management systems, JBoss Application server and Apache Tomcat to host our Java applications, JQuery and Dojo to develop rich Internet applications and many other pieces of software that help us do our job. To be honest: we would not be able to create and host all the software that we make without this rich set of tools, frameworks and toolkits. 

This is why we created this website. It is our way of giving back to the open source community. The plugins that you'll find on this site have been developed by us and are (mostly) free for you to use. We will add new software to this site in due time, so although there are only a few plugins the list will grow. 

Feel free to leave questions, new ideas, remarks, feature requests, or random (but related) thoughts in the comments sections of the plugins. We hope that you'll find the plugins useful and that they help you in building even better software. 

The ISAAC team.


Our Geeky Plugins